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wholesale sexy lingerie

wholesale sexy lingerie

Wholesale Fashion Dresses for Women

Quality long gown dress in the Fashion Industry?But these are some of the things that I notice, that the untrained eye may not notice. I am aware that labor and material costs factor into what details and techniques can be used in either a mass-produced or custom garment, and still stay within budget.

I attended and really enjoyed a fashion Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie show last week, put on by some very talented designers, featured by The Fashion Group International, Inc. of Minneapolis St. Paul. This fabulous 'Minnesota Designer's Showcase' was sponsored by the Bloomington Sofitel Hotel and MANY volunteer professionals that made it all possible.

It was an inspiring treat! Five fashion designers and three jewelry designers were featured, showing everything from sleep and loungewear to evening wear. Custom and classic or whimsical pieces were shown. I loved most of them, but sitting right next to the runway, I was able to really SEE the quality of fit, construction and design, up close and personal!

I do know that when a particular garment is custom designed for a specific individual, it may not fit a stage model, so I won't discuss the fit of these styles.

Generally, the design and construction was very good, with a few impeccably tailored garments. As a ‘seasoned' fashion designer who has worked with both modest and very high quality manufactured ready-to-wear, along with all types of dance and performance costumes, along with more than my share of bridal, pageant and evening gowns over the years, I am ALWAYS spying on QUALITY (or lack thereof).

I look at design elements, the use of fabric, and then the execution (manufacturing) of these designs. Unfortunately, most people today are totally oblivious of real quality in a manufactured garment. Racks and racks of cheaply made (off-shore, generally) garments fill our department stores and even specialty stores.

And a note: not all cheaply made garments ARE cheap. As soon my daughter started elementary school, she know what to look for. I pointed out features such as matched stripes and plaids, along with hems (or lack of hems on her cheap dance recital costumes).

I schooled her on what to watch for.To this day, she is an excellent bargain shopper, as she knows when a bargain is really a bargain, not just a throw-away rag. (And she has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing).

Gone are the days when couture and semi-couture construction techniques are incorporated into clothing for the masses. We are lucky if plaids and stripes are horizontal, let alone matching. My daughter had me (and UW-Stout) to educate her. What about everyone else?

Back to the show!... I did catch a glimpse of the requisite chain on the inside of a Channel-esque jacket. Bravo! What does this chain do? It adds weight to the hemline and gives it a certain look and ‘class factor', when the jacket is worn.

I also saw some exquisitely tailored buttonhole pockets. I saw painstakingly matched stripes. I saw many stunning designs that delighted the audience (including me).

But I also saw some hemlines riding up on the back. (The best aesthetic is to have a hemline drop ever-so-slightly in the back – it is a much more pleasing look for the eye). Also, on an expensive evening gown, I saw a skirt lining that was too short and the back slit was not properly faced, leaving an unsightly view from the rear. Either this gown was too-quickly completed, or the designer was unfamiliar with couture-style lining. Attention to this simple detail could have raised the classiness factor of this gown. It made the dress look trashy, (from the back).

The burning question Is: Which is worse: Not financially being able to incorporate a higher quality detail, or simply not being aware of what a higher quality detail might be?

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Wholesale Sexy Halloween Costume For Women

Shop halloween costumes outlet for Halloween costumes in the Satin Stitches eBay store!

Satin Stitches is located about 1 mile from swimwear manufacturer the "Halloween Capital of the World" as proclaimed by the city of Anoka, Minnesota AND by a proclamation by the congress of the United States in 1937. If you live nearby, be sure and check out the history and all the festivities. http://anokahalloween.com/history/

At Satin Stitches, we generally wholesale halloween costumes do not custom create Halloween costumes, BUT we do have many, many one-of-a-kind costumes that were created as prototypes for our custom dance team and show choirclients.

Most of our costumes thatare listed in our eBay store are in our woman's sample size Medium. Occasionally we might have an ‘overcut' or ‘mistake' that may be in a smaller or larger size. Our mistake = your bargain find! We also have a few Men's prototypes and some children's costumes. Additionally, we sometimes eliminate a set of 'Sizing Samples' so we might have a nearly complete run of sizes in a basic style. ANDwe always offer our left over fabrics.

Our eBay prices have always been similar to ‘garage sale' prices, but a few months ago, we SLASHED these really low prices even lower! You can find incredible bargains, especially if you can fit into our sample sizes!

And these costumes, you won't find ANYONE wearing them! Buy a show choir dress to become a glamorous entertainer. Or maybe you want to dress up like a cheerleader? Take a look at our eBay store and find something truly unique!

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Wholesale Sexy Corset Manufacturer

Ladies and gentlemen, I come here today corsets wholesale to confess to you. Of the corset-related advice that I dispense and the standards set by the corseting community, some of it I do not follow myself. And I know Im not alone. To say that all corsetmakers ignore these guidelines all the time would, of course, be quite hyperbolic, so I dont want to claim to speak for all of my colleagues. Even so, these are the so-called rules that I have noticed are less often adhered to. So, when you lace down, dont forget to loosen up its only fashion! Pop Antique jersey corset dress | Victoria Dagger | © Max Johnson

Rule #1: Wear a liner to keep your corset Sexy Clubwear from touching your skin directly
The reason for this is that your bodys oils, sweat, and shed skin cells will degrade the fabric over time. Actually, even in my original Corset Care 101: What to Do While Wearing a Corset, I mentioned that the weather may make wearing a liner impractical. I generally wear my corsets outside my clothes, but on the occasions I dont, Ill put the corset directly against my skin. My personal corsets are constructed to have a very smooth interior construction, which I find much more comfortable than crumpled fabric, and I have very average skin (neither oily nor dry, not prone to sweating in fact, Im more often cold than warm), as well as several corsets I rotate between. Less bulk makes for tighter reductions and a sleeker line. If you only have one treasured corset and/or are prone to sweaty or oily skin, I would recommend not skimping on the liner. Pop Antique custom corset | Victoria Dagger | © John Carey

Rule #2: Wear a modesty panel behind your corsets laces
I think Im a bit unusual in my disdain for modesty panels, to be fair. I find the bulk of the extra fabric and boning to be distracting and downright uncomfortable. Since I primarily wear underbusts, my skin is always covered by another layer of clothing anyway. If you have particularly sensitive skin, however, a modesty panel is super helpful in protecting your skin from chafing as you lace down, AKA lacing burn. Pop Antique Vamp corset | Victoria Dagger | © John Carey

Rule #3: Break in your new corsets in a careful regimen
This seems to be the big one; many of the more successful online corset communities swear by and speak incessantly of seasoning new corsets, usually with whats called the 2-2-2 method. I have actually never tried to break in a corset with any such specific plan; I tend to go by the more organic wear it as often as is practical, as tight as is comfortable, for as long as you like. Breaking in a corset is a two-way street; your body is also adjusting to the new corset while the corset molds around your body. Since my personal corsets are constructed in a way that softly grazes the body, using flexible spiral steels and minimal rib compression, I think they tend to require less breaking in time. So the amount of breaking in required for any given corset can vary, and sometimes its more effective to season a corset at a larger waist reduction than 2 (if it is shaped for one) to avoid creating pressure points and chafing where the ribs and hips arent flush with the body. I am looking forward to trying the 2-2-2 method as a scientific experiment, which of course I shall write up here.

From a practical standpoint, have you heard the proverb, The shoemakers children go barefoot? Most corsetieres are busy with client orders and/or a day job, so personal corsets are often made as a rush for a particular event. (Dont ask how many corsets Im trying to squeeze out before next weekends Oxford Conference of Corsetry!) We may even skimp on mockups while we wouldnt for a client corset. If a corset is finished the same day as, or even the week before, a big event, theres no time to carefully break it in. Pop Antique t-shirt corset vintage fur stole | Victoria Dagger | © John Carey

As ever, of course, its important to know why rules and standards exist so you can decide if they apply to or work for you. Dont get too concerned that youre not doing it right. (Unless youre trying to undo the busk without unlacing that one is never a good idea!) Whether waist training or only occasionally wearing a corset, do your research to avoid causing damage to either the corset or your body.

Which corset rules do you always follow, and which do you ignore?

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